Beginning Fiddle Tunes Book

This is a short book of common easy tunes, available for a number of instruments in both tablature and standard notation. The tunes included are:

Angeline the Baker
Boil Them Cabbage Down
Cripple Creek
Grasshopper Polka
Mairi's Wedding
Matt's Polka (a.k.a. the Ballydesmond Polka #1 or #3, depending on who you ask)
The Moon and Seven Stars
Old Joe Clark
Skye Boat Song
Soldier's Joy
Spotted Pony
Swallowtail Jig
Whiskey Before Breakfast

Each instrument and format is available as a separate PDF file:

Rhythm players: each of the instrument books has chords above the music for each tune. Just be aware that the chords in the B♭ version are transposed as well!

The book is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY-4.0) license, which means, please feel free to use it for personal or professional purposes, just be sure to give me appropriate credit.

Other Tune Resources

These pages contain sheet music for tunes that I play and teach, along with additional information about the tunes on occasion.

General Music Resources